Anthony Shares His Grantek Story

September 27, 2020

Location: Chicago, IL

Position: Systems Engineer

I graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2016 with a degree in Electrical Engineering. I learned about Grantek while preparing for a career fair during my Senior year. While researching Grantek, my attention was first caught by all of the big clients they had. I thought to myself, “they must know what they’re doing if they are able to attract big names like this”. With this in mind, I started digging a little deeper and saw the cool events they held which really sealed the deal for me. I was looking for a company that emphasized more than just work and I found that here! Between our major planned events like our Winter Dinter to our spontaneous outings we make sure to have a lot of fun.

Most of my day-to-day work involves programming but as I’ve gained experience I’ve started to handle more leadership responsibilities like directing subcontractors and leading external meetings. With the wide range of projects available there is always room to learn new skills which keeps the experience interesting.

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