Ian Shares His Grantek Story

September 27, 2020

Location: Burlington, ONT

Position: Electrical Designer

I joined Grantek in January, 2008 after I decided to leave automotive automation. The industry was volatile and many people were being let go. I knew I wanted to stay in automation but needed a new industry focus. I joined Grantek because I immediately felt they have a solid foundation of stable clients in industries such as pharmaceutical, food and beverage and petro. These were all new industries to me. Grantek has a large group of Engineers to learn from and I knew they would be able to help me grow and learn in these new industries.

I work in the Electrical Engineering team in the Burlington, ONT office. My main responsibilities in Electrical Engineering include taking a concept and turning it into a real control system. I do this through interpreting P&ID diagrams, setting up schematics, networks, control panel design, electrical panel design, supervision of panel build, ordering and inspecting materials, and coordination with installers. Outside of those duties, I also manage client relations and manage projects.

Grantek has good management, good motivation, positive work environment, excellent learning environment and opportunities. We are a very open team– you can ask any of the Engineers for technical advice and they will share their knowledge with you. You learn something new every day.

Outside of the work, Grantek has a great culture and support this with fun events. The events make for strong team building. This makes me feel “warm and fuzzy” about Grantek. You are a person, not a number.

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