Grantek’s extensive knowledge and experience (over 30 years) with legacy systems provides us with a unique ability to implement current automation technology, whether with a migration of a customer’s legacy equipment or implementation of a new production line. As a CSIA certified Solution Provider, we are very experienced with PLCs, HMIs, servo/motion systems, networks, SCADA, machine vision, barcode, RFID and all of the other technologies that are found in your operations.  As a partner with Rockwell Automation, Wonderware, GE, Inductive Automation, Cognex, ABB Robotics, Panduit, VMWare, Microsoft and others, we have the skills and experience to automate your facility or production line and integrate it with legacy equipment, while providing efficient use for existing equipment where appropriate.

By performing a comprehensive risk analysis at the start of a project, Grantek can design a solution that maximizes your ROI by adding data collection capabilities to existing machinery, extending its life while allowing better monitoring and management of production facilities.

At Grantek we understand the importance of integrating Safety into a system from the start of a project, as safe design is one of the best investments a company can make. It is Grantek’s policy to perform a safety risk assessment on every project. It is our belief that safety should be included on all projects, not just the ones that appear to be safety-related.

Grantek has the skills and experience to design automation solutions throughout your facility, from receiving of incoming supplies and materials all the way through production to shipping of finished goods. We have extensive experience in pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, consumer packaged goods, environmental and energy systems.

We can also assist with facility relocation and we can tie your production equipment in with your building automation systems. For over 30 years we have accumulated our expertise working on both brown field and green field projects. Our knowledge of legacy technologies allows us to create detailed migration plans to move obsolete technologies onto current platforms, adding capabilities in the process, to help improve efficiency while working to reduce total cost of ownership.


Our engineers can design improved automation for legacy systems or implement whole new solutions for your manufacturing challenges. Our automation capabilities include the following:

  • Legacy Migration: We can extend the useful life of existing machinery by enhancing it with latest automation technologies, enhanced data collection, safety systems, and other means.
  • Process Automation: Grantek has 30+ years of experience as a leader in process control automation and instrumentation, leveraging industry standards and best practices.
  • Machine Vision: We can often enhance the performance of legacy equipment, as well as help ensure maximum efficiency for new production lines, by integrating vision system technologies.
  • Packaging Automation: Grantek can improve the efficiency and operation of your production facility, whether new or legacy equipment.
  • Panel Fabrication: Read about our complete custom panel fabrication services that can help you achieve improved quality, efficiency, and safety.