Front End Engineering

June 13, 2018

Assessments and Audits

Scope creep, schedule delays, budget over-runs, and unhappy end-users – one or more of these can tarnish the perception of your projects.  Leveraging the experience from thousands of small, medium and large sized engineering projects successfully executed since its founding, Grantek has developed and refined a project-execution methodology to mitigate these risks.  Grantek offers this project planning and risk mitigation recipe performed for our own projects as an external service to our customers, referred to as Front End Engineering.

There are many components to a Front End Engineering effort, but the goal is to provide a customer with all required management, engineering, and documentation services to help the organization understand the risks of the project and develop a plan to resolve those risks before setting a budget, collecting bids, or starting on the design-build.   A completed Front End Engineering package allows a customer to ensure:

  1. The end-users have had a chance to define to the project team what’s important to them in the end solution
  2. Those setting the budget are educated with the information needed to make informed decisions
  3. The schedule the team and contractors are held to is aligned with the effort required and budget set
  4. Contractors bidding on the design-build have all information needed to bid correctly, reducing risk for unavoidable scope creep and change orders

In some cases, Front End Engineering can include fact gathering and developing Return on Investment (ROI) justification before proceeding with the project.

Grantek firmly believes that performing this exercise competently, especially for large projects which carry more risk, drastically increase the chances of your project being successful, and the organization receive the best ROI.

Front End Engineering services are carefully scoped depending on the project a customer is planning to take on, but common documentation deliverables that may be included in a Front End Engineering package include:

  • Project Budget
  • Preliminary Electrical Design (RFQ and Supporting Documentation)
  • User Requirements Specification and/or Functional Requirements Specification
  • Panel List, Sizing and Basic Design
  • Bill of Materials
  • Network Architecture and Connectivity Strategy
  • I/O List
  • Power Distribution
  • RFQ Documentation for Electrical Installation
  • RFQ Documentation for Programming and Integration
  • Schedule of Milestones
  • Division of Responsibility Matrix

Grantek is uniquely structured to provide quality Front End Engineering services to our customers.  After understanding the project and determining the scope of the effort, Grantek is able to staff the Front End Engineering team with professionals from its Smart Manufacturing, Automation, Industrial Networking, or Industrial Safety groups, ultimately resulting in the exact experience and skill sets needed for your organization to plan its next project.

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