Grantek is Ready to Help OEMs Maintain Business Continuity During COVID-19

April 21, 2020


The uncertainty of COVID-19 has altered every aspect of our daily lives. Manufacturers in the United States and Canada are relied upon to create and deliver the vital food and life sciences products needed in our communities. Business Continuity for these manufacturers and the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) who provide the needed equipment can be very difficult with the health concerns and closed international borders that COVID-19 has created. With safety and security as our top priorities, Grantek is ready to help OEMs during this challenging time.

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For OEMs that are based in Europe or Asia, the health, safety and travel restrictions make commissioning at American and Canadian sites very difficult during this pandemic. Grantek can help OEMs maintain Business Continuity when they need to get their equipment on site, installed, integrated and running.

Grantek has hundreds of engineers ready to help commission equipment on behalf of OEMs. Our teams at various sites in the US and Canada put our engineers in a great position to navigate various state and provincial regulations and COVID-19 related orders. Contact Grantek at or 866.936.9509 to learn how we can help OEMs maintain Business Continuity during COVID-19.


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