Grantek’s Label Verification Case Study Featured in Food Engineering Magazine

July 3, 2023

Food Engineering Magazine

The June 2023 issue of Food Engineering Magazine features an article that highlights a Grantek Label Verification case study focused on the Food & Beverage manufacturing industry. The full “Grantek Delivers a Modernized Label Verification Solution for a Food & Beverage Manufacturer” case study can be found by clicking here.

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“A large U.S. food manufacturer recently set sights on new labeling equipment and connecting to the company’s SCADA platform. Combining these two elements would add critical data monitoring to packaging lines, avoiding recalls and reputational harm. In 2020, 35% of all FDA recalls were due to undeclared allergens and mislabeled packaging; the sources of error were vendors, operators and material handling, and line clearance procedures. Besides recalls, the equipment upgrade and SCADA integration would optimize operator decision-making and reduce waste for the entire company.”
Food Engineering Magazine, June 2023

Food Engineering Magazine covers manufacturing technologies in the areas of processing, packaging, food safety, plant operations, material handling and automation. Editorial focus is a mix of research-based articles, special reports, technology updates, new products and in-plant case history stories.

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