Grantek Named a 2023 Legendary Build-a-Thon Finalist by Inductive Automation

July 10, 2023

Grantek Named a 2023 Legendary Build-a-Thon Finalist by Inductive Automation

For the second year in a row, Grantek has been selected by Inductive Automation to participate in their Build-a-Thon. Grantek is one of 33 companies selected to participate in this competitive event. In 2022, Grantek advanced into the later rounds of Inductive Automation’s Build-a-Thon. Grantek ended the 2022 competition in 7th place.

Click Here to Watch the First Round of the Build-a-Thon at 1pmPT on July 18, 2023

The 2023 Build-a-Thon will be a race against time to conquer a series of challenges that will push the boundaries of competitor’s Ignition know-how, with the final two competitors will face the ultimate test, challenging their knowledge and expertise in Ignition software at every turn. Only the swiftest and most cunning shall emerge victorious, earning the honor of progressing to the final challenge at the live Build-a-Thon at Inductive Automation’s ICC in Folsom, CA on September 26-28, 2023.

The competition will begin on July 18, 2023 at 1pmPT. Grantek will compete against other Build-a-Thon competitors by completing 11 fantasy-themed challenges and traversing through the Lands of Ignition. Each challenge poses a unique set of problems to solve, encompassing numerous areas of expertise, ranging from MQTT to drivers to scripting and much more. With each completed challenge, the brave integrators will step closer to triumph.

The first two competitors to successfully complete all 11 challenges in the Lands of Ignition portion of the Build-a-Thon will advance to the final challenge – the live Build-a-Thon event at ICC 2023. There they will face an intense, two-day, in-person competition to build the winning project.

Inductive Automation is a supplier of web-based industrial automation software based in Folsom, CA. Grantek holds the rare Premier Integrator and Enterprise Integrator distinctions with Inductive Automation due to our strong thought leadership and repeatable methodology for delivering successful projects built on the Ignition platform. Our team includes dozens of engineers across North America who are trained and certified in Ignition and the accompanying MES modules by Sepasoft.

About Grantek
For over 40 years, top manufacturers in Food & Beverage, CPG and Life Sciences/Pharmaceuticals have called upon Grantek to solve their most complex business and manufacturing challenges. Grantek automates Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage manufacturing operations, including integration with business systems for seamless solutions. Grantek helps customers meet the stringent requirements and challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Grantek is a system integrator and solution provider with a specialization in Smart Manufacturing solutions, Manufacturing Automation solutions, Industrial IT/Cybersecurity solutions and Manufacturing Consulting services.

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