Ignition 7.9 to Ignition 8.1: The Time to Upgrade is Now

June 22, 2022

Ignition 7.9 to Ignition 8.1: The Time to Upgrade is Now

Over the coming months, support for Ignition 7.9 will become limited, and eventually support for Ignition 7.9 will cease altogether. This means Ignition 7.9 will no longer be supported by the Inductive Automation development team or their support team. This also security updates for Ignition 7.9 will cease. Upgrading to Ignition 8.1 now, with the help of Grantek, will allow you to continue to receive support, and ensure your operations run at their full potential, on a secure platform. Ignition 8.1 will continue to benefit operations on the plant floor, while maintaining piece-of-mind for the entire enterprise and corporate leaders at your company.

Ignition 8.1 is here; this updated platform builds upon years of successful releases from Inductive Automation. Ignition 7.9 delivered great results for users, however in the coming months, the focus will shift to Ignition 8.1 and the several updated features that will help improve manufacturing operations and visibility to the plant floor. Now is the time to upgrade.

Ignition 8.1 is the first long-term supported (LTS) version of the Ignition 8 platform. As an LTS version, Ignition 8.1 will receive improvements and fixes for a full five years from the date of its release, so you can rely on 8.1 for the long haul. After June 2022, the only supported versions of Ignition will be from version 8.0 and newer, with Ignition 8.1 being an LTS release.

As a proud Inductive Automation Premier and Enterprise Integrator, Grantek knows first-hand the value of Ignition by Inductive Automation as a tool to help manufacturers develop and use projects more effectively. Grantek is ready to help manufacturers leverage the power of Ignition, and future-proof their operations with the innovative tools and features offered by the latest version of Ignition.

Ignition is a highly scalable, modern, and modular SCADA and industrial automation platform. It has a unique unlimited licensing model and an extremely rich partner ecosystem that adds best-in-class IIoT, MES, and enterprise connectivity options to the platform. Grantek customers love Ignition’s modular approach and flexible architectures that improve ease of use. Free online certifications, a robust support network and a scalable licensing structure make Ignition a valuable part of their operations.

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Ignition 8.1 adds amazing new features to Ignition Perspective to help manufacturers see and control plant-floor processes more powerfully than ever before. This improved visibility and feature set allows for next-generation solutions, such as Grantek’s OEE Accelerator.

Video: See How Grantek Customers Benefit from Ignition with Grantek’s OEE Accelerator Built with Ignition Perspective

Benefits of Staying Upgraded with Grantek and Ignition 8.1:
• A New Perspective for the Plant Floor – With Perspective, you can create beautiful, mobile-responsive industrial applications that run natively on any mobile device and web browser. Now, with the new Perspective Workstation, you can instantly web-deploy native applications to any HMI, desktop, workstation, and multi-monitor configuration without the need for a third-party web browser.
• Control the Plant Floor from Your Phone – Put the full control of your plant floor in the palm of your hand with the Perspective App for iOS & Android.
• Design for Multiple Screen Sizes at the Same Time – Save development time by designing a single Perspective application that displays beautifully on screens of any size.
• Hit the Ground Running with Quick Start – To help Ignition newcomers get up and running fast, we are introducing a feature called Ignition Quick Start. The Quick Start option provides simple tutorials and automatic configurations to set up things like security, connections to external devices, and databases faster than ever.

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