Smart Bakery Solutions from Grantek: Smart Manufacturing in Bakery Operations

April 1, 2021


Grantek has developed Smart Bakery Solutions that help food manufacturers advance their operations, optimize their workflows and seamlessly integrate baking operations to other systems across their plant floor and entire organization. Grantek’s Smart Bakery Solutions brings together Smart Mixing capabilities, Smart Oven analytic tools, Smart Packaging applications to protect brands and customers, and Smart Warehousing to oversee pallets, inventory, ingredients and finished products. Email or call 866.936.9509 to learn how Grantek’s complete Smart Bakery Solutions can modernize your operations and improve your productivity.


Grantek’s complete Smart Bakery Solutions can provide:

  • Smart Mixing – Grantek’s Smart Mixing Solution can measure parameters on each dough batch, and compare to other batches. Allowing clients to find quality issues earlier in process, rather than finding errors after baking has begun. By correcting issues earlier in the process, waste is reduced and ingredient losses and the costs associated with these errors are mitigated.
    Smart Bakery Solutions from Grantek
  • Smart Ovens – Grantek’s solution collects and gathers critical oven data, then utilizes predictive analytics to understand when and where future issues will arise with our client’s ovens. Grantek’s Smart Bakery Solution leverages AI platform’s to enable these predictive analytics.
    Smart Bakery Solutions from Grantek
  • Smart Packaging – From the plant fl­oor to the boardroom, Grantek provides a complete solution for Label Verification. As a CSIA certified control system integrator, Grantek knows that automated product validation is critical to regulatory compliance and quality control. Real-time live images, stored missed images, and an intuitive user interface provide maintenance and operators with all the information needed for seamless integration into any existing production line, or as part of a new installation. Our solution is in alignment with American & Canadian regulations, helping you mitigate the Food Safety risk with undeclared allergens.
    Smart Bakery Solutions from Grantek
  • Smart Warehousing – Grantek’s extensive experience as a systems integrator in the food and beverage manufacturing industry provides our clients with a unique edge in the development and upgrading of Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS) commonly used in warehouses. Grantek’s Smart Manufacturing Practice has developed a simple, open-source solution for controlling the ASRS equipment and interfacing it to the facility’s SAP or another enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Customers with older ASRS systems will benefit from engaging Grantek to design and perform an upgrade.
    Smart Bakery Solutions from Grantek

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