Video: Machine Safety Webinar – Beyond Compliance: The Cost Savings of Integrating Safety

December 1, 2017

Machine Safety Webinar

Machine Safety is vital to operational success. There are many advantages when organizations look Beyond Compliance and see Safety as an integrated aspect of the enterprise. This webinar helps firms realize the cost savings and productivity advantages of integrating Machine Safety.

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Presented by Grantek’s Director of Safety Practice, Jeff Winter, this webinar is the next installment of thought leadership in Machine Safety. This webinar builds on Jeff’s Control Engineering Magazine article and will cover the latest trends in Machine Safety, providing you with tangible insight and information to protect your operations.

Takeaways include:

  • Learn how to achieve lower capital costs by combining your safety and automation projects
  • Ways to lower your engineering costs through integrated safety solutions (Applies to upgrades or new equipment)
  • Understand how to reduce your operational costs with less downtime through integrated safety
  • Shrink lifecycle costs through lower costs on future modifications or changes


About the Presenter: Jeff Winter is the director of Grantek Systems Integration’s Safety Practice, where he leads a team of engineers in developing and delivering machine safety services across North America. With over 10 years of experience working for several different safety product manufacturers, he has a unique experience in bridging OSHA regulatory compliance and safety standards interpretation with engineering requirements and corporate safety strategy. Throughout his career he has been a leader in educating the industry on the benefits of machine safety through hosting best practice industry events, participating in speaking engagements, developing white papers, and writing technical articles. Jeff is also a TÜV Functional Safety Engineer, Board Certified Safety Professional, voting member of the ANSI B11 Accredited Standards Committee, and President of American Society of Safety Engineers Three Rivers Chapter.


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