Video: What is Industrial Cyber Security and how does it affect our clients?

June 20, 2017

Cybersecurity Webinar

Topics Include: A high level history of controls system evolution in relation to communication, business drivers for increase communication and the EtherNET standard-blessings and a curse.

Types of threats:
Rouge actors – individuals with malicious intent
Unsuspecting actors – employees, visitors, contractors unknowingly participating
Nation State threats
Ransomware / Cryptoware

Presented by Chris Hamilton, Director, Industrial IT/OT and Cyber Security at Grantek Systems Integration

About Chris Hamilton:
Chris started his professional career in web design, databases, and server management with a focus in security at every level, but grew up around process flow and P&IDs in Biochemical Pharmaceuticals.  In his roles at Grantek he has worked as a controls engineer, a systems engineer and an IT/OT consultant to bridge the gap between IT and Controls teams in order to help clients realize more efficient operations, leverage or implement standardized systems and most importantly understand the line between IT and OT and how it can and will shift with emerging technology and industry changes.  He specifically focuses on the OT side today providing network assessments and road mapping a migration plan for a client’s legacy or inefficient hardware as part of a client provided, or jointly developed OSA (Manufacturing Operations Systems Architecture).

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