Cloud Computing is quickly becoming the emergent paradigm for computer networks. It provides the environment in which utility computing can operate, providing resources and management as required, thus allowing companies to buy only what they need, when they need it. The effort to manage updates and releases is left to the solution provider, freeing the corporate IT department for other duties. Use of Cloud Computing greatly reduces the network footprint within a company and therefore can save money and efforts otherwise spent maintaining the enterprise’s physical network. However, as the provider is no longer the company’s IT department, security concerns must be carefully considered and policies implemented to ensure confidentiality of a company’s intellectual property. Grantek garners a deep understanding of Networks, Cyber Security, XaaS (Anything as a Service) and data models, positioning us as a leading solution provider for Cloud Computing.

Cloud Solutions – Cloud ERP Solutions

While the benefits of cloud solutions, and cloud erp solutions are becoming well known, the complications of cloud solutions cannot be disregarded. Companies, for example, must understand how to remain legally compliant to avoid storing personally identifiable data irresponsibly in the cloud. Security of cloud data is also a major concern. Grantek assists with these concerns and are experiences in implementing public, private or hybrid cloud services. Production sensors and controllers can also be configured to connect to the manufacturing network to pass data to the cloud. Grantek helps customers implement a cloud solution that improves efficiency, while also ensuring the data is stored in accordance with US and international laws and regulations .

Among the largest benefits of Cloud Computing are its scalable reporting and backup. Providers of cloud services have readily available and powerful business software suites that can be tailored to provide needed data and the capacity to seamlessly back up business data. Grantek offers expertise in the planning and implementation of cloud-based solutions within the manufacturing environment, allowing the most forward-thinking cost-savings, scalability and efficiency while providing the critical focus on manufacturing uptime and ensuring regulatory compliance.

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